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What tools are active on this site?

Abandoned cart reminders & store alerts

With the pop-up active, customers on the store can opt-in to receive various things: coupon codes, new collection alerts, new product messages, new brand alerts, new sale alerts and more.

Besides opt-ing in for one of these things, in the background this feature will also send reminders when the customer has abandoned the cart.

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Back in stock notifications

With back in stock notifications, you can let people sign up to receive a notification when the product is restocked. These can drive over 50% of people back to your website and triple your sales. A notification is automatically sent to customers who opted in whenever you restock the item.

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With Comment-to-Messenger, comments on a Facebook post can trigger conversations.

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Keyword reply on Messenger

Send a message that says 'Win' to m.me/homegoodsbyshoppop and receive an automatic reply with a campaign example.



With Comment-to-Instagram, comments on a Facebook post can trigger conversations.

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Keyword reply on Instagram

Send a message that says 'Win' to instagram.com/homegoodsbyshoppop and receive an automatic reply with a campaign example.


Story mention on Instagram

Tag @homegoodsbyshoppop on your Instagram story and receive an automatic reply with a campaign example.



Chat Widget

The Chat Widget can be seen at the bottom-right corner of the screen. Use it to offer customers several options to chat with your store. There's also room for up to 3 different promotions.

It can be seen anywhere on the site.


Post-purchase widget

The post-purchase widget appears on checkout pages, at the end of the customer journey. It's another great opportunity to start conversations. Thank the customer for buying, offer a discount for their next order, or simply say: 'Shoot us a message if you have any questions'.

To try this feature, you will have to simulate an order on this store. This can be done with the information at the bottom of this page. You will not be charged real money.




Testing this store

To make sure you can see all tools in proper working fashion, please disable your adblocker for this website.


How to simulate a transaction on this store

To simulate a successful transaction, use the following information when you are asked for credit card details at checkout:

  • Card number: 4242 4242 4242 4242
  • Name on card: Enter at least two words.
  • Expiry date: Enter any date in the future.
  • Security code: Enter any three digits.

Reset the store 

Some widgets are smart, and they don't appear again when you've already opted-in in the past. To reset all widgets, right click > Inspect Element on the site (in Google Chrome) and go to Application > Storage > Clear site data. This will in some cases also sign you out of Facebook. So beware that you'll have to sign in to Facebook (and ShopPop) again.